Two solutions for your Workshop needs

Option 1 - Exclusive Workshops for your team, either customisable from various options or totally bespoke - either in your office or we can sort out an amazing venue.

Option 2 - Book a single place (or as many places as you want) on one of our ‘open access’ courses. If you want to request a location and we can fill it - we’ll do it!

LAS VEGAS — 20th June - Make a plan, Work the plan, Kick Ass, Repeat.

Stressed out, feeling reactionary, wasting precious time and resources, working hard and getting nowhere fast? Then this session may just change your life. Meet Tim Hughes, the Brief Doctor: a global expert in creative brand strategy. He’ll take you on a deep dive into the planning process in this two-hour, hands-on, and totally interactive workshop.

Find out how to get the best out of yourself, your team, and your station. Unlock the power of three simple questions, Who, What, and Why. Learn how to manage expectations, get buy-in from internal and external clients, handle insane feedback, and set the foundation for truly awesome creative that will not only surpass your marketing objectives, but will also bring home Promax Gold. Warning: this session may cause serious harm to conventional wisdom.

LONDON — 26th June TV Marketing1.01

Wednesday 26th June 2019 - Central London Venue 1.30pm - 5.30pm - £295 P/P + VAT

This is the essential course for anyone who writes or works with creative briefs.

Gain confidence to write simple and effective briefs and learn the tricks-of-the-trade to manage and feedback effectively to key stakeholders, and your agency or in-house team creative team.

Pitched at Marketing Managers and Execs. but open to all especially welcome are Creatives - come learn how to get the most from your briefs.

COPENHAGEN — The Brief Doctor Method


We are bringing a full day workshop to Denmark in September. This is the essential course for anyone who writes or works with creative briefs and creative teams. Led by The Brief Doctor Tim Hughes and our Creative Director Pauline Russell we’ll help you optimise your creative and marketing team to be truly AWESOME.

In the morning you’ll gain confidence to write simple and effective briefs for your agency or in-house team and learn the essential skills to manage stakeholders and freed-back. In the afternoon you’ll go on a creative journey of discovery to inspire and united your creative and marketing power-house team.

The course will be in English - call to discuss further - Tim is learning Danish specially “måske jeg snakker en lile Dansk”

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