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Kelli Peter - The Managing Director

Kelli Peter is the dream-team signing we have been after her for two years and she has finally given in and become our MD.

Kelli built and led the EMEA hub of Discovery US’s In-House Agency for strategy and business and is your one-stop-shop for everything The Brief Doctor.


Tim Hughes - The Marketing Doctor

Tim is founder of The Brief Doctor and likes to talk. His background is in Marketing and Creative Team management, he was Director of Marketing & Communications for TLC, Marketing Director for Discovery’s in-house Creative Agency, On Air Director of Discovery’s Lifestyle & Entertainment Channels, Creative Head of Continuity for BBC Broadcast/Red Bee Media and all sorts of promos and production roles at Paramount Comedy.

He’s won over 100 Creative Awards, is a former Chair of the Board of Directors, and recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Promax UK.


Pauline Russell - The Creative Doctor

Pauline is our new Creative Director and specialises in bringing creative ideas to life and awesome creative management. She plays duelling banjos* with Tim in our Briefs and Pitches Course - she joins Kelli to set up our production arm.

When not with us Pauline is off making award winning ad-campaigns, content and brand identities.

Pauline was VP of Creative at Scripps, and Executive Producer and Senior Creative/Creative Director at BBC Worldwide and Discovery Channels. Pauline was Conference and Awards Chair for Promax UK.

*we don’t actually have any banjos


Mills Leney - The Process Doctor

Mills Leney (or sometimes in disguise as Mills Willis) is our Process Doctor and Project Management head. She also leads our Account Management: Good Cop, Bad Cop Course.

Mills is the face that has launched a thousand channels (or thereabouts) including UKTV’s most successful rebrand of G2 to Dave.

Her background is in advertising and channel strategy, prior to joining us she was Business Director for UKTV at Red Bee Media and Board Account Director at Duckworth Finn Grubb & Waters


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